Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our colds seem to be getting better - and we both felt well enough to go to the local pub for dinner tonight (glass of wine for me, G&T for Frank) - for the first time in nearly three weeks. We ran into friends who tell us that we are lucky because they know people who have had this friggin cold for three, four, five weeks.

Last night I decided to make a friend's brand new baby granddaughter a quilt. I located the fabric (didn't like it then - don't like it now) I bought five years ago for another friend's brand new baby daughter ... anyway, today I finished the quilt and decided to put the babe's name on it with the font feature of my Artista 200. Babe's name is Nevaeh (Heaven backward ....). I mis-spelled it as Neveah because I am old and names should be forward, not backward. My friends all have names that don't spell anything backward - my name backward is Elad. The chances of naming a tiny little 8 pound baby Elad - slim and nil. My sister's name is Ann - Nna. Nope. Frank or Knarf - nope. Ssak - Kass. Neleh - Helen. Eirojram - Marjorie - that's it!!! I'll name my kid Eirojram!! Backward spelling does not work in most cases. Including Heaven. Good thing they did not name the poor wee babe after something that cannot be pronounced when spelled backward. Anyway - the end result - after carefully embroidering Heaven backward, folding the quilt and putting it in a giftbag, I started to second-guess myself. Sure enough, I sewed it as Neveah. Names should not be spelled backward to make yet another name. However ... if one had a bowl of Alphaghetti ... one could experiment first ...

My problem now is how (or if) to fix the goddam quilt. This is not a life-time quilt. It is a large floral - with a satin stitch border. About 8 hours of work, if that. Big enough for a three or four month old ebab to be diapered and talc'd on. Not big enough even for its tsrif crib. Cover up the babe's name with an ironed-on overlay? Pick it out and leave all those needle holes? Ignore the spelling error? Tell the kid's mom that she should have named the baby something forward instead of backward? Neveah/Nevaeh - whatever ... it doesn't change the baby in any way. And just maybe - who knows - the mom may have mis-spelled it on the birth certificate ... and I could be right? There will be no picture of this quilt posted ereh, so don't bother looking for it.

It will be fixed somehow and given to the babe's mom - puked and pee'd on - and passed on to the next baby in that family - perhaps his name will be Bob. One can only hope.

In the right place at the right time - we have been the very lucky recipients of 15 rhododendrons. Our friends have listed their house for sale and had dug up a lot of rhodos that they were unable to replant and which they gave to us. Thank you so much Helen and Bryan. We will miss you.

Love to my family and friends.

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